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Dr. Rick Griffith is the Doctor of Ministry Director at Singapore Bible College where he has taught Bible, theology, and preaching on the School of Theology (English) faculty since 1991. Now his Advanced Studies in the Old/New Testament courses can be taken at the Internet Biblical Seminary website.  He also helped plant Crossroads International Church where he serves as pastor-teacher.  He is Singapore field leader of his mission, WorldVenture, and Asia translation director for The Bible...Basically® seminar.  All TBB languages are on this page.

Dr. Rick also serves as an itinerant teacher to 12 other countries in Asia and the Middle East.  Some trips are with Biblical Education by Extension (BEE World) while on others he is a visiting professor at various seminaries such as Lanka Bible College (Sri Lanka), Myanmar Evangelical Graduate School of Theology, Himalayan Graduate School of Theology (Nepal), Southeast Asia Bible Seminary (Indonesia), Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary, Malaysia Bible Seminary, Word of Life Bible Institute (Korea), and Union Bible Theological College in Mongolia.  Rick also helped begin International Community School, Singapore in 1993.  For more about the Griffiths click here or click for his resume (CV) at Dr Rick Griffith CV Jan 2015.pdf.

Dr. Rick wrote most of courses on this site.  However, the TBB seminar is by Dr. John Fryman of Fort Worth, TX.  Also, materials written by others are added regularly, such as Arabic materials translated from Dr. J. Paul Tanner’s teaching.

Biblestudydownloads.com has over 1500 free PowerPoint® presentations and Word files in 40 languages.  Some began as student projects at Singapore Bible College that other students translated.  Please download and teach them, but never sell them.  Note also that many file names end with a number to show the number of slides in that file.  The site is updated daily, so if a presentation name has a higher number at the end than your last download, please download the updated version.

Within each presentation, most slides also have a number in the upper right corner.  This shows its page in the notes for that course (downloadable on the Course Notes link above).  If you translate any of these materials, please email them to me at griffith@sbc.edu.sg so I can add them to this site for others to use.

Click the links at the top of this page for materials in English.  For another language, click its name in one of the columns for The Bible...Basically® seminar and/or for SBC courses.   (An overview TBB is here.)

If these materials help you and you want to say thanks in a tangible way, you can send a personal gift to “Griffith, Rick & Susan” at WorldVenture here via your credit card.

You might say this website is my small attempt to reverse the confusion of languages at Babel (see Genesis 11 or download an explanation of this site concept here).





Links above are for English materials.  Click the columns below for materials in other languages.  You have permission to download and teach any of them.

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